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Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso


Mrs Troxel has a shovel

leaning against a tree

and every time I pass her house

I think that shovel is for me.


Mrs Troxel gardens at night

when the air is bitter and cold

She whistles as she digs and prunes

black trees and bushes with thorns


” Come on over and help me ”

She calls from the side of the road

” I have a shovel just for you

and a spot to rest under that tree.”


One night I think I’ll stop

and I might just say hello

Because I have an ax in my shed

and I think it’s just for her.



9 thoughts on “Mrs Troxel and Me

    1. animar64 says:

      Just trying to get in the Halloween spirit!

      1. Delyn Merce says:

        And you did so Brilliantly!!!

  1. Jessi says:

    sweet darkness to this one! Just in time for October!

    1. animar64 says:

      I love the idea of those two dark souls circling each other they’re morbid, but a hoot.

  2. A tale bathed in a wicked darkness, great fun.

    1. animar64 says:

      I would pay good money to watch these two ladies race their way into the darkness!

      1. Maybe you should create and get someone to pay you good money to make it happen.. or a short film!

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