She Took Poor Edward To Hell


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I’ve been having a debate with myself-

I tell stories, take pictures and write poems but the one thing I haven’t done is really talk about me- you can see and read the result of my inspiration (S) but not much more then that.

Even when I do open the door and let people catch a glimpse of me, I tell a story about what you see.

I really do enjoy blogs where writers and artists drop posts about their lives and what is going on in them- that is brave and honest.

Does this mean I’m neither brave nor honest in my writing?

I really do struggle with that question.

I’m of two minds, you might say.

Just like Poor Edward Mordake.

Edward Mordrake: Fictional AMERICAN HORROR STORY

Edward Mordake: Fictional Version From American Horror Story

Edward Mordake was said to have had a face on the back of his head- it spoke to him, tormented him, drove him to  suicide.

Sometimes I get how that feels- to have one part of you war with the other part- who will win? Does it matter?

In Edward’s case it did.

In mine I think it keeps my blog- my writing from being fully realized.

I’m not sure I care for that- not one bit.

Do you agree or disagree?

So I’ll just throw it out there- answer of you want:

My blog is about writing and to a lesser degree photography ( I feel my pictures tell their own story, so I don’t consider myself a budding photographer- it’s just another way to write as far as I’m concerned )

Does going off on little essays ( I guess  that is what this is ) add to my blog, to my writing. Or does it distract from it?

Please leave me your thoughts in the comment section- or if you write about it post the link there too. I would really like to learn how other Writers approach this.

Anita Marie

Edward Mordrake From American Horror Story

Edward Mordake From
American Horror Story




3 thoughts on “She Took Poor Edward To Hell

  1. Interesting that you should raise this. I don’t talk about myself much at all, except that when I started the blog I thought I would. Now, I’d just rather share my writing and pictures and every once in a while something about myself.

    I personally don’t think that how much you divulge of yourself in ways other than your creative writing stops it from being fully realized, unless you feel that this is *the one* unacceptable risk. In my oh-so-humble opinion, I think it’s lack of risk that keeps writing from being fully realized.

    It will be interesting to see what comments you get. 🙂

  2. I often ponder the same thing. I think it all depends on the content and context of one’s writing. If divulging self adds context or interest to your stories, then it’s a good thing. But, in small doses. A certain cloak of mystery adds interest as well as an opportunity for readers to come to some conclusions of their own making, about who is actually behind these fantastic tales. As writers and readers, we all reside in a world of fantasy, right?

    • I prefer mystery in all things- so I’m liking what you said here Phil. It centers me a bit. I do come here to write and tell stories. But I really don’t want to go on the journal route- I’m thinking that isn’t me.

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