You Just Had To Ask



Daily Post One Word Prompt: Copycat


Now that Halloween is over, what will you write about?

I have been asked

Now that all of the ghouls are well fed

the dead are back sleeping

restless in their tombs


What will you write about?   I have been asked.

I took my pen, sharp and full of ink, I have said

I set it against an unsuspecting  artery and pushed

I let it drink

until it was full

and then I started to write again.


What will I write about you might ask

Same old same old I would have to say.



2 thoughts on “You Just Had To Ask

  1. be assured that ghouls don’t stop being ghouls cause Halloween is over, all the dead didn’t become restless during Halloween and there are many restless souls wrecking havoc…you have plenty to write about

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