It Came From 2016


Things from 2016 that I hope do not come back to haunt me:

Oh who am I kidding? If anything crawls out of the shallow grave I popped it into I’ll bury it again.

After all, if it was worth doing the first time the second time will be just as much fun.

Chew on that for a minute.

I do hope that nobody asks me if:

I watch the Walking Dead or Game of  Thrones.

No I don’t.

Zombies and Swords and Zombies with Swords – no.

No. No. No.


And the woman who told me she rubbed a politician’s desk for luck

and then took a picture of herself sitting in it

and then got herself elected to office?

I’m coming for you ” Barbara“.

That’s the bitch about becoming a public figure.

Consider that your 2016 hangover you looney.

Just FYI.


Writers Write January Prompt: Hangover

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