And The Horse You Rode In On


My reaction to her news surprised me, it was unexpected. It came out of nowhere.

My friend sent me a picture of herself getting her Covid-19 shot.

She sent me a picture of her vaccination card.

She sent me a video message where she was weeping and thanking the scientists who created the vaccine, the people  who gave it to her and at the end she clasps her hands together and she looks into the camera and says, ” Wow. How awesome is this? I get to live!”

Her cat was in the video with her.  She picked it up. Kissed it and waved it’s paw at me and said, ” Yay!”

I wrote her back.

I  congratulated her, I said I was happy that she had something to fight this horrible virus with. I told her I wasn’t eligible for the vaccine at this time. According to our DOH I won’t be eligible soon, but all I can do is be patient and wait my turn.

She sent me back a message that said, ” I’m sure you’ll be fine. If you get sick they have room in the hospitals now. She ended her message with that emoji where the face is hugging itself.

Like I said my reaction was unexpected.

I felt angry.

I’m angry because my friend told me, even if it was in jest that she gets to live and in that jest she said without thinking that she was also saying I might not.

On the other hand, she might have been so relieved to be in the clear she wasn’t really thinking about asking someone still fighting in the trenches, where the war is still raging, to do a victory dance with her.

I really do understand that, but it doesn’t change how I feel.

I’m angry, but I’m to tired to be mad.


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