I May Have A Situation Here

Linda G Hill’s  prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “MAY.

I really struggled with writing last week.

I may have had writer’s block or I may have just been uninspired.

All I know is, none of the words I came up with wanted to work together- little bastards.

Do you know what I did have?


They were whoppers.

I woke up screaming because I thought I was dead and that the rats were coming to eat me. But of course I was still alive, but the rats didn’t know it.  I had  dreams about an evil witch outside my window scraping her grotty yellow finger nails up and down my windowpane- every time I thought I had woken up and  and she thought wasn’t really there I’d hear that scratching again

You would think that with stuff like that I would grab my notebook and scratch down some images or something, but did I? No. I did not, because those dreams were kid stuff.

I decided to surf around some Museum Gallery sites and I came across a series of pictures taken by drones and Eureka! I think I found out what happened to my ideas.

This guy took them:

It’s a creepy clown in a muddy cornfield.

I’m not afraid of clowns, I have no feelings about them one way or another, but I do know there’s a whole urban legend around creepy clowns.

The  Urban legend says that Creepy Clowns try to lure kids into the woods, they show up on street corners and menace people.

But I  don’t think that’s what is going on at all:

I think they steal ideas and stories. Maybe they grind up Muses and eat them for dinner. Maybe the Creepy Clowns want to be the only game in town.

Chase away my monsters will you?

We will have to see about that.

There’s isn’t a muddy field on the planet where you can hide from me, my Mask Wearing, Big Shoe Clomping, story stealing friend.


I will find you. I will take back my ideas.

And I will write about you-






2 thoughts on “I May Have A Situation Here

  1. I don’t like clowns at all – none of them. I’ll just bet this one stole your ideas because they are devious devils what with their evil eyes and fake smile! 🙂

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