There’s Probably An App For That

RDP Monday- Glimpse

Joan Ponc

Adoree Buckwalter used to sign up for every single craft class that the community center in town held during the Spring.

You could learn to keep Bees or you could learn embroidery. There were classes on painting landscapes or houses. You could take classes on chocolate making and cake decorating.

But the classes that Adoree enjoyed the most were the sewing classes.

She had mastered the art of quilting and cross stitch, she had even learned to make stuffed animals and then she took a class on doll making.

That when Adoree discovered she had a talent for making dolls out of just about anything- clay, cloth, wax. It didn’t matter. No matter what she used Adoree created the softest, the most intricate dolls you ever saw.

When Adoree walked into the craft room and she saw all of those boxes and baskets full of yarn and string and little squares of fabric and beads,  a little rush ran up and down Adoree’s spine.

She’d gather her materials and then she would find a place to work and when she was done there would be a little figure sitting in front of her.

It was like magic.

Joan Ponc

Adoree loved her classes and she loved making dolls and her little animals but there is one little thing.

She wasn’t  particularly good at it.

Unfortunately their stitching wasn’t always even and sometimes her figures little arms and legs weren’t sewn onto their torsos with a lot of accuracy so they were sort of misshapen.

Sometimes their heads were a little to floppy too.

Still it didn’t matter. They may not have looked like much, but they felt sturdy. Indestructible even.

Joan Ponc

On Saturday after the classes had wrapped up the students were invited to display their handiwork on the long tables set up around the room.

Everyone made little displays for their crafts and Adoree was jumped into her display with enthusiam.

She just didn’t have an eye for it, so her dolls  were surrounded by little glass animal figures and silk flowers and candles that didn’t have a lot to do with her dolls. But the result was pretty if not a little odd.

One that last Saturday Mrs. Burandt three teenage daughters left her table ( which would be hard for anyone to do because Mrs. Burandt had been taking classes on Candy Making ) and they wandered  up to Adoree’s table.

They slowed down and glimsped at her table and then the stopped.

They reached out for her little cloth dogs with the button eyes. They pat the heads of the little cats with the beaded faces and then one girl picked up one of Adoree’s dolls.

She held  Adoree’s doll, ” I would have thought  you needed an app to make learn to make these.”

” An App? Why? ”

” Voodoo Dolls are cool. But I wouldn’t have thought people would go to the Community Rec Center to make them. Anyway. I do like them.”

Adoree held her hand out for her doll. ” Thank you. ” she said shyly

” Well. They are pretty amazing. You should sell them. I think they would make people


Adoree thanked the girls for stopping by and as they walked away she held her doll up to her face and whispred into it’s ear. ” I don’t think making people happy is the idea. Do you?”



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