I Have Missed You Darling October

Word of the Day Challenge: Thirst

Covid Restrictions in Washington State are going to be lifted for  fully vaccinated individuals and our state Reopens on June 30th  so this is what I’ve missed during the lock down and what I look forward to in June.

Henri Matisse – The Green Pumpkin, c. 1916

Of all the things I’ve missed

since the Covid-19 lockdown began

I have missed October the most.


I  have missed being afraid for fun

I  have missed haunting cemeteries for sport

I have missed saying ‘boo’ and making people laugh


The lack of October has made me

anxious, tired and sad

I am hungry, I am thirsty for the darkness to return.


I have missed you Darling October

and I have missed  your children

Christmas and Halloween.


Snow clouds, thunder storms

falling leaves and icy garden paths

come home soon, I am waiting for your return.


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