Tired of It All



The fantasy stories spun during the Covid Lockdown in Washington State were brain melters. 
I am so tired of them ALL. More then any of the other perks that will come with Washington state opening back up at the end of June, the best will be that I won’t have to eat word salad stories like these anymore:
When we were in the midst of lockdown you told us  your story about driving to Eastern WA and hanging out with people not from your household…but as you explained it,  they are ‘family’ and it was okay because seeing family was a ‘safe’ activity.
You didn’t get the part about how that only works if you actually live under the same roof.
Later that  Summer  you posted pictures of you visiting  family in Idaho and again  you stressed it was a safe activity because everyone you saw were family  so you were sure it was ‘safe’  when you all gathered around the table and helped the birthday guy blow out candles on a tray of cupcakes
and then you and your “family” stood six feet apart outside and ate them-
and to top this all off you later last winter you went to  party with your “Pod” and lo and behold some of the guests came down with Covid-19
all I can say is
I’m surprised more people that you know aren’t dead.
The End.

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