Don’t Do That Thing With Your Mouth


I can’t sing, I’m pretty freaking awful. It’s not that I can’t hit the notes. It’s my voice in general. It’s  just, I don’t know. Gross. But has that stopped me from singing? It has not. So I wrote about it:

The Pianist, 1926
Yuri Pimenov ( 1903 – 1977 )

When no one is around, which is most of the time

I sing along with my CD’s.

Sometimes I play my guitar

and I sing along with that.


My dog thinks I’m pretty good.

He jumps up on the couch when I sing and and he tilts his head to

the side and when I hit a clinker

he licks his lips. I’m not sure why he does that

but he wags his tail even harder, I guess he’s encouraging me to sing on.


I used to sing to my cats

when no one was around, which was most of the time

and good note or bad notes

they would curl up and go to sleep

and when I stopped singing  they would get up and stretch

and then  they would go to the jar where I kept the catnip

and meow for some.


When I am alone

which is most of the time

and my dog is not around- I don’t sing a note

good or bad.

There’s something a little sad about singing on your own.


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