RDP Sunday: LOSS

In this world

a snot nosed brat got away with cold blooded murder after gunning down three people

and is now  being hailed as a ‘patriot’ by the Republican Party and White Supremacists.


In front of his co-workers a fireman dropped his pants and wiped his ass, leaving fecal

matter on a non-compliance letter he had been issued because he is refusing to be

vaccinated against Covid-19.

In this world there are people consider this snot nosed brat and his Fecal / Covid

Spreader ‘brother’ heroes.


Today it became official, I hate the human race. I nothing more to do with it.

Today  I consider it a very small  loss.


8 thoughts on “T.O.D.

  1. Consider statistical distribution, such as the classic normal or bell curve. On the positive end, we have the Einsteins. Schweitzers, Wallenbergs, Michelangelos and other amazing people. At the other end, we have the idiots such as you mention. Now, we wouldn;t want to standardize everyone in the middle. That would be incredibly boring and we’d lose so much. So we put up with the idiots in order to have the exceptionals. And we strive to be exceptional ourselves.

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