Jump In The Line

Back when the Covid-19  Vaccine was released, I watched the news  and  saw the trucks leave the plants and seeing that I felt some relief.

At that time I understood that I was ‘ non-essential’ and not at ‘risk’ ( hey I lived in an area that LUVS them some Donald Trump and they didn’t believe in Covid-19 so HELL YES  I WAS AT RISK . In addition I used Public Transportation and work with  the public) but I figured by Summer I would have a chance to get vaccinated and I thought I could hang on until then.

The thing that made it hard was when my friends who were deemed ‘essential’ started to get their vaccines and posted pictures of their cards in FB  and video recorded themselves giving Miss  American Speeches that would have had beauty pageant contestants  weeping in envy.

I get that they were relived and excited, but on the other hand there was a large part of the population that were not considered ‘essential’ enough to protect.

One of my friends sent me a picture of themselves getting their shot and quipped, ” I get to live ”

and I responded, ” Awesome. I get to hope to not catch covid-19 and die ”

So when  certain people were being advised to get their boosters ( by age and medical conditions-)  and there was a method to that messaging I started to pay attention.

I set my spider to pull info about new  approvals for the vaccines and when I saw that the new groups now being encouraged to get their boosters worked or lived in situations that put them at risk, I jumped in and made an appointment.

Shortly after that point I saw blurbs popping up about the FDA and CDC moving to seek approval for everyone to be vaccinated and I figured, like the last time by the time I got in the shot it wouldn’t matter that I had checked a box and made myself essential.

This is what I decided. If I didn’t make myself essential I was going to be put at risk AGAIN. So sure. I cheated. Sort of.

So yesterday I got my booster-I made my appointment before Thanksgiving so I only had to wait like, four days.

Some of my  friends waited until they got the all clear to go in- they’re past that six month point, being they were essential and got the shots earlier. I got my second shot exactly 6 months ago.

A couple of people were in a certain amount of distress because they tried to schedule appointments through their Doctors Office- where they went before- and found out they couldn’t get in until late December.

I pointed out that when I was making my appointment I saw that some places had openings. They did get in but they have to wait a couple of weeks. Which is better then getting it after the holidays.

I feel like  that in a complicated angry world I found a way, in this case to make it safely to the other side of the street.  I felt essential.  I will be honest. It felt good.

You can talk about cha-cha
Tango, waltz or the rumba
Senora’s dance has no title
You jump in the saddle
Hold on to the bridle

Jump in the Line

Raymond Bell, Gabriel Oller, Ralph De Leon, Stephen Samuel

For FOWC W/ Fandango — Schism


4 thoughts on “Jump In The Line

  1. When I got jabbed (with Pfizer), I was technically not yet approved to do so (because of my age as well as my health). I don’t think the messaging has been very good. I also don’t think the studying has been good; for example, there was no information given among the literature handed to me in my two visits as to where one would report adverse effects.

    • I went to a mass vaccination site here in Washington State and luckily it was very well run and we got info about what to expect as far as side effects went and what to do if it became a problem. Plus when I signed up on line they sent you info then too. In all the entire process took about 45 minutes. 15 minutes you had to hang out so they could monitor people for breathing or other reactions. I think it’s different from state to state. But still. I did have to jump on those appointments because I didn’t think that the way they deemed ‘essential workers’ was fair. If you worked with the public you needed that shot for protection.

  2. I was lucky and got mine early. I don’t feel one bit guilty either. The nurse at the hospital where I went said 30% of their workers were refusing it. This is why we can’t have nice things 🙁

    • That’s exactly why I jumped. I really wanted to do the right thing and let people were high risk get theirs. But when I saw that in the County I live in people were mocking the entire Covid -19 situation and that the vaccination rate was pathetic I jumped back in May and I did it again.

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