My Yule Cat

Tonight is Krampusnacht, but I thought I would add this additional post about th Yule Cat.

You see, one year my cat Carl Kolchak jumped into the frame every time I tried to take a picture of my Christmas tree. I got the hint and took  his picture and  after I put my camera down he grabbed  my tree in his jaws and jumped out the window and took off with it.

Eventually I got it back and do  you know what?

I may not be 100% sure about Krampus, but I am 100% sure about the Yule Cat because- lucky me- I owned one.

Or he owned me.

Either way, I have no complaints. Kolchak was a magnificent feline.

Carl Kolchak seconds before he took off with my Chrismas Tree
Photo By A.M Moscoso

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