Duck Duck Goose

RDP Saturday: STALK

” Cloudscape “
Artist Unknown

It followed me on the train

it followed me to work

it followed my friends, my family, even people I hate

it tapped them on the shoulder and it said,

” you are  it Buddy- you are it “.

And this is ok with some people

they don’t mind if you are it and if you

follow them on the train

and to work

if you follow their friends and family

and even people they hate

because we are all playing a game

of Duck,Duck, Goose

a pointless game, that everyone plays

where nobody wins and everybody loses.


  • If you are not familiar with the game Duck Duck Goose this is how it is played: A group of players sits in a circle, facing inward, while another player, who is “it”, walks around tapping or pointing to each player in turn, calling each a “duck” until finally calling one a “goose”, which designates the chosen player as the chaser. The chaser (goose) then stands and tries to tag the chasee (it), while the chasee tries to return to and sit where the chaser had been sitting before. If the chasee (it) succeeds, the chaser (goose) becomes the chasee and the process begins again. If the chaser (goose) tags the chasee (it), the chaser (goose) may return to their previous spot and the original chase (it) restarts the process.


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