Corner Of My Eye

SFC Adventure Calander Day One-PORTALS

Photographer Unknown

Is the portal that I am looking a scarred oak door with leather hinges  in a haunted house?

Is it a coffin lid, soft and eaten away with wood rot and mold shrouded in dust in a crypt made of rough stones and broken marble?

Is the portal a broken window? The attic stairs in my Nan’s empty house?  That dark corner, in my Aunt’s sewing room that smells like vanilla when it gets cold outside?

Is the portal I need to find, to make the words for my stories come alive  truly a door, or could  it be a candle in a dark window that a lonely lost soul like me can see from miles and years away?

Is the portal a door or is it a shadow that I think I see for moments at a time from the corner of my eye?

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