Happy Easter- REALLY?


I don’t care what anybody says- Easter is a scary holiday.

First of all, at Easter we are celebrating a guy who died a horrible death and then rose from the dead.

To take the edge off of that detail , in that mix there is a giant rabbit that sneaks into your house at night and leaves you eggs and candy in a basket.

Did you miss the part that it’s a giant rabbit?

It’s ears are gigantic ( the better to hear you with ) It’s paws are gigantic ( the better to embrace you with )

and it’s teeth oh my it’s teeth ( the better to eat you with!)

Will you notice when it pounces?

You will not because you’ll be eating candy and eggs  and in some families there’s a tradition that says you will be dressed in brand new clothes.

La Doncella

Do you know what happened to The Children of Llullaillaco  also known as the Mummies of Llullaillaco?

They were given sweets and good food and dressed in beautiful clothes and then they were sacrificed.

Archaeological site at the top of Llullaillaco

Their graves were sort of round and filled with grave goods like textiles and little statues. Yep. I’ll go there. it’s like Children of Llullaillaco were in  baskets.

Like I said Easter, is at it’s heart a dark holiday. It’s a little macabre  too. So next to Halloween I actually like it quite a bit.


Take their eggs… I double dog dare you.

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