Yes. We Really Had A Good Time.

My family traditionally knew how to have a good time during the holidays.

We even celebrated our dog’s birthday’s before it was even a thing, instead of Elf on The Shelf we had Krampus. Oh and after we played Monopoly we would goof off with the Ouji Board where the primary goal was to try to sneak in freaky scary messages.

I’m pretty sure my Grand Aunt brought through the best messages but she would cover her tracks by spelling some of the words wrong and blaming it on me because, she said she was sure that if someone could return from the dead they were smart enough to spell correctly.

I of course would try to take credit for those strange and bone chilling messages, but nobody was buying it, so they would hammer back sherry and chow on Bourbon Balls and spend a lot of time trying to get someone to confess to a messages about Cats in the Chimney and ones saying we should  Look For The Knife.

My family loved telling ghosts stories, they would spin them for hours and I think the Ouji Board was their version of banging your hand on the side of your tv ( back in the old days that’s what we did )  set to get a better picture.

That’s right. They wanted it to work and when it didn’t they turned it into a game.

I still do most of these things, but not the Ouji Board because a few people in my family take that S*&! seriously and they think we’ll unleash demons upon the Earth if we use it.

HA. I can’t get some of my friends to answer their phones because everyone texts now, so unless I text the ‘ Other Side ‘ I doubt if anyone will hear me on the Ouji Board.

So that’s the one tradition I have given up, which is too bad because I gave up Monopoly too- I just don’t think it’s as much fun without ending up on the Ouji Board at the end of the night.

I miss the Sherry too. Just saying.

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