Dress For Sale

In FB Market Place someone is selling their Communion Dress.

It should be a boring ad- and if you look at the dress its probably one that someone bought on line and didn’t like. They probably never even wore it.

My friends pitched out their Wedding Dresses if they ended up getting a divorce, but NOBODY sells their communion dress.

I also found this picture interesting because it looks like a screen capture for a scene in a Found Film movie about demons and ghosts and curses and it will probably inspire a Halloween story. So here you go WP Prompters: I Scoured the news for an entirely uninteresting story. I Considered  how it connects to  my life. and I wrote about it.

PS there is  no such thing as an uninteresting news story. There are only brains who can’t see the weirdness in everyday life.


Facebook Marketplace listing for a communion dress


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