Making A List I’m Checkin’It- Once

Artist Unknown

WP Prompters have asked us to list 30 things that make (us) you happy.

My first thought was I was going to have to sit down and make a boring old grocery list of things that make me happy- which isn’t  exactly easy because what makes me happy can change from day to day or year to year. So was I going to make a ‘greatest hits’ list or  a list that reflects how I feel at this exact ( still as dry as toast ) and then KABOOM- it hit me like a that creepy cold fog that crawls around graveyards in old black and white horror films.

I realized that the 30 things that fill my heart with joy and wonder and all of that touchy feeling good stuff are


Artist Unknown

Each day before Halloween has it’s own Spirit, it’s own flavor, and on top of that spooky stuff happens- and if it doesn’t spontaneously happen you can make it happen.

So there you have it- the 30 Things that make me happy. That bring me joy, that make me glad I’m alive.

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