Which Witch?


My favorite Witches are the vicious Witches- the Witches who would strike deals with the Devil to get what they wanted- the ones who would curse the fields so that nothing would grow and why did they do horrible these things?

Because they WANTED to and they were a little Psycho to boot.

In addition they were fun to read about and write about- and it was fun to be afraid of them too.

I  am a  sorry to see that for the most part Witches have had their fangs pulled out and their claws removed and that they now wear yards of chiffon and sport poodle perms   and burn sage instead of villages, but that’s just me.

You hope.


See you on Halloween, happy or not!

Scenes of Witchcraft: Day
Salvator Rosac. 1645-1649

Scenes of Witchcraft: Evening
Salvator Rosac. 1645-1649

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