Twilight Time

WP Daily Prompt: What’s your favorite time of day?

Winter Twilight – Mikhail Markianovich Germanshev

By definition Twilight is the time period between (astronomical) dawn and sunrise, or between sunset and (astronomical) dusk.

Twilight is my favorite time of the day because even though it is quiet and brief, it is full of drama.

In that brief moment you need to get to were ever it is you are going- either you are heading into a dream or a nightmare or you are heading out of one.

If you are heading into an attic, or a basement or back into a quiet grave  it must be a relief to find a cool place to lay your head for a little while and dream about what the Sun rising over head must look like as it searches, in vain for your resting place.

I’ll bet you can’t help but to smile as snuggle down for a little rest and some peace and quiet.

If you are emerging from the night  into the daylight it must feel so fine to know that the dreams that chased you in your sleep are as far away from  you as the Sun that hangs in the sky above your head and warms the air around you  as  gently as seconds ticking away on a clock.

Twilight is my favorite time of the day because  its the time of the day when nightmares and dreams are roaming free and they are there in plain sight for anyone to see.

Autumn Twilight (Henri Le Sidaner – )

Collins Street, evening
Clarice Beckett-1931

Ships at Anchor. Winter

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