And We Are Off


AI Artwork-Creator Unknown

I’ve been participating in a writing adventure called ” Horrordailies ” since 2016.

Horrordailies is an offshoot of The Holidailies which has been going on a little longer, but between the two I give my all to the Horrordailies.

I post for each day in October and I work it!

But Horrordailies isn’t as popular as the Holidailies and I think the other challenge they sport called ” Thingadailies ” is pretty popular too.

The thing is, I was the only person to post for Horrordailies last year and I was kind of embarrased. I mean. I felt like I got stood up for a date or something. I don’t run the challenge and I’m not in  a postion to drive traffic to it because my Social Media presence is pathetic- my FB page is sort of a lonely train wreck and my blog- yeah well. It’s a labor of love. What can I say? I don’t do what I can to pull in readers so it’s sort of just – here.

But it’s an adventure of sorts, so sure. I’ll go along.

This year if the owners of the ” Dailies ” run the Halloween page  I’ll probably post there. But it would be fun to read Halloween work by someone other then me. Adventures are fun if you don’t have to go on them alone every single time.


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