Let Us Prey


The thing about saying grace is that anyone can  say  them for any reason at all


I’ve learned prayers

to protect me from the dead

to chase away evil

to forgive my sins.

I’ve said grace

over meals

before journeys

 before I  fall asleep.


I sang those  prayers

raged those prayers


past gritted teeth

through the darkness

into the next  day.


So who will stand over me

after I’ve died

and ask that I sleep


God let it be


will they prey that I do not rise

and that I never walk again.

One thought on “Let Us Prey

  1. An interesting set of burials was found in Poland not too long ago: locks placed on toes, or scythe’s placed over the neck to keep them from wandering. Much nicer than the bricks place in the jaws, don’t you think?

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