Winky Winky Wink

Good question WP Daily Prompters- What personality trait in people raises a red flag with you?

Maybe it’s not a personality trait, maybe it’s just a personality quirk, but when I am talking to someone and they wink to prove a point- it is a giant red flag to me.

That wink doesn’t tell assure me that this conversation is just between us. It doesn’t tell me you are clever, hip and with it and that I can trust you.

If you want to know the truth I’d rather do that thing where we spit into our palms and shake on it. That’s right, I find that gesture preferable to  doing the winky wink thing.

All that wink makes me want to do is super glue your eye shut and while I have that little tube of glue out maybe I should glue your lips together too.

So between me and you- that winky wink thing is a red flag that I need to stop whatever is going on and proceed the rest of the way with caution- and note I am NOT winking as I write this.

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