Evening Commute

WP Prompters asked: What are you doing this evening?

Well before I start my evening in Toilet Town I take the commuter train to get there and during that train ride I get to see depressing sights like these

-grit, grime, despair for miles and miles.

Photo A.M. Moscoso
April 17,2023
Washington State USA

At some point in my commute I will start to read, or listen to music and instead of looking out I will start to look in. That’s not such a bad thing to do as long as one comes up for air.

So this evening maybe I will study the portrait ” The Nightwatch ” by Rembrandt and instead of focusing on the grit and grime and disdain I have for Toilet Town.

The Nightwatch is a giant painting- it’s 12×14 Feet. It has has movement and drama and just to make sure you understand where to look for the drama, the main characters are well lit and the secondary characters are in the shade ( such is life, right? )

I love this painting because it’s about adventure and sometimes when you are feeling a little blah, it’s good to look for adventures and find a way to participate in one. Go on challenge yourself, where will you go the next time you feel like busting out for awhile?

The Night Watch (Dutch: De Nachtwacht), is a 1642 painting by Rembrandt van Rijn.

The Night Watch as it hung in the Trippenhuis in 1885, by August Jernberg

Night Watch Flash Mob- you read that right. The Muesuem staged a flash mob at a Mall AND IT WAS FANTASTIC.

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