Holiday From The Holidays

Wp Daily Prompt- How Do You Celebrate The Holidays?

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I used to really dive into the holiday Spirit- Christmas, New Years, Halloween. As a rule if Hallmark had a card for it, I was in.

The only problem was I had zero flair for decorating, choosing the perfect give  or planning the perfect party.

I was however, a pretty good cook so I had that going for me but that was it.

Now that my life is a lot less complicated I hang out with some of my family and mostly my dog  for some holiday events. That’s actually fun because we like to play games.

But the way I chose to celebrate the holidays now is through music.

Christmas music, Halloween Music and old time radio shows ( suspense and mysteries and ghost stories )- I have them going non-stop at home and work and in my car. Sometimes I put on a cd or a radio station playing holiday music, light some candles and just look ou the window.

It may not sound like a lot, it might not sound like a lot of fun- but it sounds WONDERFUL to me:


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