Tick Tick Tick


I was scrolling through a newsite when these odd looking ads started to pop up.

Now,  alot of these ads use pictures that are gross and shocking but have nothing to do with what they’re selling. They just want you to click in. But in this case these ads were for various skin conditions and I was  puzzled.

Why were they running pictures of people with beans glued to their skin?

FAKE TICK INFESTATION: youtube screengrab

Then I realized, these were supposed to be pictures of people suffering from massive tick infestations.

FAKE TICK INFESTATION: youtube screengrab

I don’t know if anyone actually believes these are real- maybe if you’ve never seen a dried bean IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE or have never seen how fast one tick can sicken your dog and how near death an infestation will quickly take a stray  animal then maybe you’d fall for this fluff.

The thing is, Doctors and Dermatologists are trying to combat this misinformation, but here in the United States people like Donald Trump’s followers  don’t believe in science, medicine and at times common sense so videos and pictures like these- the ones that defy common sense will be seen as ‘information’ – and if you call BS on it  you’re a sheeple.

Another theory is that people just like looking at these  pictures of people infested with ‘ticks’  and take pleasure from being grossed out by them.

I guess those pictures are just more amusing satisfying then the real thing:


The human minds likes to be amused, used, challenged and entertained- but if you feed it a steady stream of garbage, well- if it turns to mush on you one day and leaks out of your ears, you’ll have nobody to blame but yourself.

Artist Unknown

3 thoughts on “Tick Tick Tick

  1. I did smile all the way through this post Anita. Some people who create these things are artistic to say the least. I have noticed lately in some ads on sites that most of the click bait pictures are of attractive young women in revealing clothing.
    Thanks for joining in 🙂 🙂

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