Edgar and Me

Photo A.M Moscoso

This is Edgar, he is a refuge from a long gone site called  Bucky’s Boneyard and we have beeen together for over 15  years.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Edgar used to sit in a chair at in front of my living room window year round.

For Halloween I would take him and his chair and chain them  together and then I chained Edgar and his chair  to a fence near my front door and one day I realized how odd that looked so I started leaving him out there until Christmas.

One year it snowed before Thanksgiving and I decided to put Edgar on my next Christmas card and this is the picture I used.

Photo A.M Moscoso

You would think my family would think that was weird but of course they did not.

My Mom did  ask what happened to his leg and I told her it fell and I couldn’t find a hinge that I was happy with to reattach his tibia to his femur, so for now I used it to prop my bedroom window open so that my cat could get in and out.

She thought that was a good idea.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

And then one of my ‘ sort of friends’  said that Edgar was a cool decoration and wasn’t I  so clever for using him the way I did.
Hearing Edgar called a ‘decoration’ got my back up so I changed the subject.
” Bucky’s is no more and I want to get Edgar a friend. “
” Oh. That’s too bad. You must be able to find another one on line. “
” Nope. They aren’t as realistic as Edgar. Bucky’s sells flawed skeleton models that are used in anatomy classes as Halloween decorations, so Edgar is related to a real skeleton. That’s what makes him so great looking.”
” So what will you do?”
“I propped Edgar up in his chair and said, ” Oh. You know. I guess I can always dig one up somewhere.”
She smiled and laughed and even chuckled.
I did not smile and I did not chuckle and I wondered if one day she would make a good friend for Edgar and I decided that answer was-
For Jim Adams Thursday Prompt #226 Whenever, Wherever

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