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WP Prompters asked: List three jobs you’d consider pursuing if money didn’t matter.

I’m already doing one of those jobs- I write on my blog everyday .It pays absolutely NOTHING. But I love to write and I love to challenge myself, so the rewards that I reap- like feeling I have a purpose in  life and the happiness writing brings me makes up forthe zero income thing.

Die Mysteriosen Catakomben
Weylandt and Bauchwitz1890

The second thing I would like to be is a Paranormal Investigator.

I wouldn’t be one of those scripted “reality” show investigators who run around abandoned houses and buildings in the middle of the night screaming ( the ghosts are DEAD not DEAF ) and commanding spirits to make themselves known.

I would be out there looking for ghosts for the adveture of it all.

My hope is that in the end I would want to be one of those people that hears a story about a place and goes out there with her dog and camera and disappears. Five years later someone finds my car, my notebooks  and my camera and not a trace of me and my dog.

My camera and notebooks would end up on line and  Social Media users would  opine ,  and proclaim ” Well in my humble opinion ( those opinions are NEVER humble ) this was fake or this was real or what happened to the dog because if it turns out something happened to her dog and she put  him in harms way then  I hope she’s dead.”

The Magician in the Barn
Ludwig Knaus1862

The third thing I would want to be is a sidewalk Magician. I’d give it all up to be a sidewalk magician.

I would set up my props and do my shows at a place like the Pike Place Market in Seattle. I would weave into my act stories about the ghosts that haunt the waterfront and how I  learned and practiced  my magic tricks in room in the darkest, unexplored   part of Underground Seattle where, back during the Prohibition bootleggers used to move their bottles of liquor unseen by the Police-( Hahaha- they were probably helping them move the crates ) and that sometimes when I was down there alone, with my rabbit and magician’s trunk,  I would hear the faintest hints of music and laughing- and sometimes screaming- horrible blood curdling screams and then applause.

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