The Beat Down Heard Around The World

Artist: M. Thorpe

Why are Republicans  in Congress willing to shame, embarrass and humiliate  themselves  by pulling these moronic political stunts?

Why are they willing to run a hearing for Impeachment that WILL GO NOWHERE as their inaction  to doing the jobs they were elected to do results in  THEM burning the lives of Americans, the United States Government and the Country to the ground?

Their single reason is pure and simple.

Republicans are putting on this S^@T Show because their Dear Leader- Officially known as Inmate No. P01135809- Donald Trump- TOLD them too- and when Donald tells the Magaturds to lick his boots,  they lick them with relish and enthusiasm.

The problem  for the non-bootlicking segment of humanity is this, Inmate No. P01135809   is a Trust Fund Baby who has never worked a day in his life, he doesn’t understand ( or cares to know ) how the law, the government or the real world functions.

So when an idea finds it’s way to Inmate No. P01135809’s  ‘bigly’brain’ sure as heck it’s going to be a flaming disaster because it will NOT be based in reality or hold a  scintilla of common sense.

I’d say Republicans  should be ashamed of themselves for  their reckless disregard for our Country and simple basic decency  by suupporting Inmate No. P01135809  but they want a man who was found guilty in a civil trial for  sexual assault to be their President, so like Inmate No. P01135809, it’s safe to say they have no shame.

That’s right, no shame at all and Representative Crockett in the video above  has made that crystal clear.

FOWC  with Fandango: PURE

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