The Holly and The Hamish

Hamish Macbeth  December 2014

Hamish Macbeth December 2014


When my puppy Hamish saw snow for the first time, he was somewhat underwhelmed.

At the time, I thought Hamish was going to grow up to be a serious dog- when he saw things for the first time he would sit and study it- then he’d give it a lick, roll it in mud or dirt leave it and come back to it later.

I mistook Hamish’s ability to assess new situations and turn them over in his mind as a lack of interest in his environment and that was certainly NOT the case.

Hamish was a studious dog and it turned out that he was wicked smart.


Hamish Macbeth December 2016

Hamish Macbeth
December 2016

This is Hamish’s second snow and now that he knows what it is, he is loving it!

Not only that, my serious little puppy has grown up to be a happy go lucky, confident and smart dog- I couldn’t be more proud of him.

So my favorite Christmas Memory is this new one involving Hamish Macbeth

It’s not a bad thing, it doesn’t mean that my older memories don’t mean anything to me anymore

I think memories should be like strokes of color in a painting- each one adds to this great big  splotchy picture that you can look at and make sense out  of even if you hang it upside down or look at it with your eyes almost closed.


Hamish Macbeth checking out the first snow of the season and only the second snowy winter he’s ever seen.


Someone is ready to chase some snowballs!

Christmas should be an adventure- snow or not, cookies or not- but I’ve come to believe that Hamish has turned out to be  a pretty important element to  my Christmas experience and all of the new memories yet to happen.


Hamish and Pualani- Hamish's first Christmas 2014

Hamish and Pualani-
Hamish’s first Christmas


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