The Study

RDP Wednesday: Dangerous

Artist: David Ospina

My study is full of bright sunshine

the cool air smells like apples and freshly cut grass

my desk is a happy jumble of books by Dickens, wind up toys with metal keys

my laptop and just enough room for a snack, my cat

important things like that.


My guitar stands in the corner

my curtains are never closed, the door is always opened

my favorite chair as Goldilocks would say, feels just right

there’s a floor lamp near the heater that hasn’t been plugged in for years,

I just like the  dancing elephants stenciled  unevenly on the soft gray shade.


My study is a friendly place

I have pictures of cats and dogs and butterfly yo-yo’s

hanging on my light green  walls

I even have a bulletin board that I turned into a dart board

and I have an old Nintendo system so I can play Donkey Kong when I’m bored.


But when I sit down

and I start to work, the  door slams shut

the dogs on the walls grow jagged fangs, my desk turns into a maze littered with

broken bits of reality and from the hall I can hear my family say:


” Shhh, she’s writing. You know how she gets when she is writing.”

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