A Story About a Cat and a Dog

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This is my cat, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

He was born in Granite Falls, Washington in 1991

and he passed away in  during the last  week July of 2007.

The Universe took the time out of it’s big and important day to

take my cat. I was a little angry, to say the least.

My heart also shattered into a zillion pieces.

Seven years later, in the same small town blocks away from were Wolfie was born to

a family who never met or knew their neighbors who bred and raised Labradors,  my

dog Hamish Macbeth was

born on July 20th of  2014.

Hamish Macbeth
by P.C. Knapp

Sometimes the Universe does some pulls some pathetic stunts and sometimes it seems

like it’s trying to make up for it’s mindless gestures.

My heart did shatter into a zillion pieces when Wolife died  and parts of it are still gone,

but I think Wolfie

came into my life for a reason…

and so  did Hamish Macbeth and I think they both had a little help in finding their way

to me.

Thank you Universe.


( Below baby pictures of Wolfie and Hamish, former residents of Granite Falls, Washington

Wolfie aged about 10 weeks old 1991

Hamish Macbeth 2014
by: A.M. Moscoso
aged 10 weeks old

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