Sparkles and Sparks

RDP Wednesday: SPANGLE

Isaac Brodsky “Fallen Leaves”, 1915

The Spring when I caught a jarful of Ladybugs and took them to shool for ” Show and Tell ” and then let them loose in the music room because I thought they would like to hear people singing before they flew home.

 The Winter I took my Malamute for a walk across a frozen lake. When we got to the other side I could see a deep crack start to open up where we had been walking. It looked like a snake had followed us to the other side.

The Summer my Dad died, my cousin died and then my dog died. I sat with my dog for hours after she passed because I could not tell anyone that someone else in my life was headed for the grave in a little over a week.

The Autumn I saw a bee caught in a spider’s web. It was wrapped up tight and it looked like a mummy. It was still alive. I could hear it buzzing. So, as gently as I could with a pair of tweezers and a Q-Tip I unwrapped it and watched it fly away.

Little moments, dusty memories that shine  from time to time.


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