Team Player Fail

RDP Thursday: TEAM

In case you’re curious- this is a true story.

Last night

that little voice in my head that says

” hey Anita, I’ve got a great idea for a story “

was noisier then usual,  so I took a few notes and then I watched

” Mrs Brown’s Halloween Special “


After the show was over that little voice said,

 ” that word salad you scratched on that notepad that smells like Pizza


That is so true.


So I put my pizza scented lines on my blog and hit the draft key.

” Oh no. Oh no you did not.” I heard that little voice say.


I did. Then I watched my beloved 1970’s Sci-Fi Show ” UFO”


The little voice raged.

” Are you really seeing this? There is NO science happening in this Science Fiction show.”

I told the voice in my head, ” It has flying saucers. “


” I gave you a great idea for a story- turn the damn TV off. “

In response I watched two episodes of UFO instead of one and then

I went to bed.


I was asleep for a few hours when I had a nightmare.

It was one of those nightmares where you think you’re awake and safe but

of course you’re not. To make it worse when I really did wake up I had a visit from my

old friend Sleep Paralysis and I couldn’t open my eyes or shout myself awake.

I had to lay there until my brain and my body caught up with each other and I could

open my eyes and sit up.


But before I  ” hit the surface ”  I heard that little voice say:

” So. Now that you’re awake- what do you think? Feeling up to a little writing now? Or

are you going to go back to sleep? “

It laughed.

I laughed.

And then we did a little writing.

Goya – Phantasmal Vision – ca.1801

Sleep paralysis has been found to affect just under eight percent of the general population. In addition to being awake but unable to move, common symptoms of sleep paralysis include: Visions, such as seeing a person or demon-like figure in the room. Feeling unable to breathe, or being suffocated-definition from the article HERE


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