Winter Windows

Turn off the TV, turn down the lights and enjoy these Christmas radio shows from the 30’s and 40’s. It really is a magical experience.


Mercury Theater With Orson Welles Show Titled A Christmas Carol. Original Air Date Was 12/24/1939. Probably the most famous version of Lionel Barrymore’s yearly radio appearances as “Ebenezer Scrooge” on radio during the ’30s and ’40s

Stars from the movie reprised their roles for this radio broadcast in 1947

These episodes are presented in their entirety, including any original commercials.

1945: The Night Before Christmas – Holmes (Rathbone) and Watson (Bruce) must catch a thief to save Christmas.

1947: The Adventure of the Christmas Bride – Holmes (Stanley) and Watson (Shirley) must watch over an heiress during the Christmas holiday.

1947: New Year’s Eve Off Scilly Isles – Holmes (Stanley) and Watson (Shirley) strive to prevent the destruction of a luxury liner.

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