Forget Me Not


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Sometimes Facebook pulls up a memory that I forgot all about and I am pleasantly surprised  with the find.

Sometimes they are funny, not in a funny ‘ ha, ha ‘ sort of way but in a ‘ those little facts you hear about memories that sound sketchy really aren’t so far fetched. I mean I don’t have a real sense of humor but apparently my brain does because my memory played a trick on me.

Here is the memory in question:

When I think back on bringing Hamish home when he was just over 10 weeks old, I remember my cats were really good with him. That he hung around them all of the time and that at night they insisted he  stay close to them ( that was something they learned to do from my older dogs who had since passed on and had raised them ).

Kolchak, Darwin and Hamish.
Photo A..M. Moscoso-2014

Apparently I have been looking back and not seeing the bumps in the road that they hit- like this one:

My cat peed on Hamish’s bed. Hamish buried my cat’s food bowl in the backyard. And the battle rages on…

Hamish Macbeth
Photo A.M. Moscoso
September 2014

From the way that reads, there was an on going power struggle and for some reason I forgot all about it. I didn’t run interference from the looks of it. You’re not supposed to dabble to much when you move new animal into the home, but some of this stuff looked funny and I still forgot about it.

I wonder why?

Photo A.M. Moscoso
Hamish and Micey

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