Found It



When I was growing up

my Mom used to tell me I had my Dad’s temper,

my Dad used to tell me I had my Mom’s temper

you could say

they were both right because it seems like

they lost their tempers whenever they  saw ‘that look on my face’

or I opened my mouth and my voice hit their ears

and I guess I picked up their tempers

that they lost around me

and I kept them for my own, where they made a home

in the coldest places of my heart.

6 thoughts on “Found It

      • A coping mechanism. Big emotions tend to always appear as anger first. Confusion, sadness, any and all of them generally result in anger. If you grew up with angry parents, you never learned how to see it handled better. Processing emotions wasn’t a thing in your childhood home, no one modeled any differently. You get stuck there too.

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