Carved In Stone


[Blue Graveyard]
Hugo Steiner-Prag1880/1945

Dig a grave

fill a grave

by moonlight, by starlight, at dawn

I do not care

if it is raining or snowing or a hundred degrees in the shade

give me a spade, a shovel and a bunch of flowers to plop in the urn when I am done.


Haunt a house

draped in a soft white sheet

my hair in a braid

hanging to my waist like a  severed noose, my fingertips torn and twisted

I will haunt my house, your house, the empty asylum

where all of the clocks stopped at midnight and the basement doors are nailed shut.


Take a long stroll in the darkness

on a road with no sidewalks

lined with elm trees and broken streetlights

houses with missing windows and weed chocked yards

where there will always be a car that  breaks down

and the only other soul on that will be on that street  beside the the driver is me


under the elm tree in the darkness on a street where nobody lives

I am sure that all the  driver and I will be thinking about

is our bucket list.


Nina Leen1944-11
Night in cemetery where author Washington Irving is buried.

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