I Am Curious

Abandoned Dust Bowl Home, about 1935–1940, Dorothea Lange

I am curious about

what happens to abandoned houses and all of their ghosts

when they are forgotten by the living.


Does the house listen for footsteps to make their way to their front door, does it wait for

someone to peer through their windows and desperately flip light switches to chase away not just the dark but the feeling

that something is watching them and they hope against hope that little bit of light will chase it back into the closets and up the attic stairs?

Do the ghosts

wait in the hopes  of hearing  someone ask, ” is anybody there? ”


the house wonder where everyone has gone?

and if those ghosts and that abandoned house can’t haunt you or me

that must mean

it has to haunt itself

and that is enough to drive anybody


I am curious about wandering around abandoned houses that the world has forgotten-

is it a good idea?

Is it really?

Dust Bowl farm in the Coldwater District, north of Dalhart, Texas, June 1938.
Dorothea Lange/Farm Security Administration via Library of Congress


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