Just Fix It Already

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This morning I got up late, couldn’t decide what to wear, forgot to eat and ran out the door so that  I  could make my appointment on time.

I felt worn out and my new shoes pinched my feet a little and by the time I got to my appointment for my third and probably last hair appointment of the year I felt like this:


I was ready for a little brightening, for a little magic- for a miracle I guess because as of late I have not felt very bright or magical.

So mask on, fingers crossed and here we go:


Why did I wait to get this done?

You know, I’ve been writing, enjoying the summer, I just didn’t want to sit in a chair for three hours- which is what it takes when you have long hair, need a cut and color and highlights.

But I sucked it up and went for it because it was time:


Believe it or not, when we took that plastic thing off of my head and rinsed my freshly cut  hair- and I could see the color and highlights I felt pretty wonderful.  Plus my bangs no longer went passed my nose- I looked like my head was backwards when they fell forward.

I thought it was fun because it was so morbid looking- but you know, to be honest it was seedy looking

I wanted to take to post this selfie on FB but my stylist reminded me we weren’t done yet.

For the most part what you see above is the real magic- but this what comes last is the fun part

Next up- we rocked the cut and color:


When  I was a kid having long curly hair was something I got teased for- that was back in the 70’s and long straight feathered hair was THE LOOK.

By the time I graduated from highschool  I had cut my hair short- well, OFF and I was glad to see it go. I was so tired of not looking like I fit in, of being such a big ugly slob with big ugly hair.

So what happens a few years later? Yep. Big curly hair was in.

I just can’t seem to hit that fashion target.

My Grandmother Ginger told me that when I woman turns 50 she should cut her hair.

It was ‘dignified’.

When  turned 50 a few years ago I looked like this:


On the days where I feel like my outside matches up with my insides I feel light, confident, graceful.

How great would it be if I could always feel like that.


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