The Corner Project

Linda G Hill’s  Stream of Consciousness Saturday Prompt: “In the Corner.”

Artist: David Ospina

At the end of February  2020 I neatly stacked in the corner of my workroom a selection of books, some craft projects and mystery puzzles/adventures,  each labeled with dates noting when I needed to start each one.

I even had a calender for the books I wanted to read for my Goodreads Challenge.

I have a goal to read a hundred books a year- and no I’ve never hit 100 but I can get over half of them in so I keep that goal the same. Last year though, I only read 10.

I never completed a craft project and I never even started my Mystery Box Adventures because shortly after planning out my year long project the Coronavirus shut down the state I live in.

So over Christmas- which was not exactly a big red letter day, I decided to pull out my neglected projects from their place in the corner and I took them to my dining room table and went over them one by one.

I could have had so much fun last year, I could have a little less bored, weary and instead I could have been inspired.

So I have two choices.

I could scrap the lot and choose new books, projects and games to work on.

But- do you know I have miniature models of little houses that I could still put together- they actually light up and one of them is a model of a living room with a little dog standing at a piano. There’s a mystery box adventure about a fire at a theatre where everyone in the audience went insane and it burned down. A lunatic asylum is involved. How did it start? Who was responsible? It’s a fun puzzle and I had actually been inspired to take a few notes for a story.

The books- what a selection- there a ghost stories, books by Dickens and some that I bought because the man who owns the bookstore I shop has never let me down and I just know they’re going to be great.

And my guitar- I had my acrylic nails taken off so that I could start playing again.

My guitar is in a corner and I played it a little today.

It felt great.

So I’m thinking that I don’t have two choices about my corner projects. I have one.

I have to go back and do them.

For the first time in almost a year, I’m actually looking forward to what I will do tomorrow.


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  1. Just do it! I got back to my scrapbooking (making cards) a month ago (the supplies that have been in a box untouched for over a year) and it feels great. Have fun with all of your crafts, books and guitar. Sounds like a good time to me!

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