Cupcakes and Covid

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Since we went under stay at home orders here in my home state, me and my family members have been team players.

When we got the clear to expand how many people could come into our homes for visits, we counted noses, had gatherings outside and guess what? Even though me and my brother and sister work with the public or have to commute on trains etc., we all stayed safe and healthy and no one around us got sick.

Then of course some of the population  went insane when the holidays started to pop and people got on planes and had parties and after that,  the advice to only celebrate the holidays with the people in your household came down.

So we did that.

I live just a few blocks from my Mom, my Uncle and my Sister and her family and each of us celebrated the holidays on our own.

So I want to stress this- it only takes me 5 minutes to walk to my Mom and  Uncle’s and 15 minutes to walk to my Sister’s house.

We didn’t cheat, we didn’t rationalize, we did not celebrate the holidays under anyone’s roof except our own.

Then an acquaintance of mine starts to post pictures of her family celebrating the holidays at each other’s houses. Under the selfie’s she took with various people, she said they weren’t facing each in when they talked to each other and they social distancing  around the dinner table and around the house and then she posted smiley faces and prayer hands and reminded all of us in FB land to stay safe like her family…and maybe they were staying safe for the most part-

unless you count the time they sang happy birthday at a couple of parties and helped each other blow out their candles and then I’m guessing they all scarfed the cupcakes and cake- which they loaded down with 40 candles on one and 38 on the other because hahahaha isn’t it funny when you do that?

Do you know what I’m peeved about?

I’m doing what I can to help this moron and her at risk family members and people like them not get sick.

Every time I see her I want to lick a covid-19 infested cupcake and sneeze in her face because WHY AM I DOING THIS???? Why am I being careful and responsible? Is it so boneheads like this acquaintance of mine can dodge a few bullets and see their families because a few people around her are doing the right thing?

I’m tired too, I’m peeved too, but somebody has to be the adult in the room and I guess that someone is me and my family.

If you’re not doing your part. Seriously. I know where you can get some Rona Cupcakes. Eat one, eat two. Please. I just do not care anymore.

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  1. Especially now that a new, even more contagious strain of the virus is out there, why are people doing what you described? What kind of nincompoops would eat slices of a cake (or individual cupcakes) that another person has blown out candles on? How different is that from eating a sandwich someone else has sneezed on? Seriously?

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