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I  like to watch those shows about the highlights and the not so highlights of the year that you can catch on tv on New Years Eve week.

I like to see if I kept up on things or if I missed something- which is possible because I don’t watch a lot of tv and to be honest the only Facebook page I really pay attention to is my own and one called UPS dogs.

On New Years Eve I was puttering around my home, preparing for my shut in style New Years Eve ( I made some Fajitas and were they YUMMY ) and a couple of snacks when I decided to turn the TV on to see what was up and lo and behold one of those shows looking back at 2020was on.

I stood there with the remote in my hand and after two minutes- I kid you not TWO MINUTES I shut it off.

I told myself to not be such a wussie.

I turned the tv back on and snapped it off.

I couldn’t watch it. I did not want to revisit 2020.

It didn’t seem like the right time, to be honest, I’m not sure it ever will be.

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