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Word of the Day Challenge: Warning

I haven’t had a decent nightmare for over a month.

I haven’t written a single word about monsters, curses or the living dead since November.

So I did one of those free write exercises and this is what happened when I asked:

” Where are you, ghoulies and ghosties and long leggedy beasties? Why won’t you come and play? I’m dying here, I can’t come up with one decent scary thought or deed to write about.”

I heard a thump, I heard a bump, I heard the creaking of bones and then the lights went out.

My bedroom door creaked open and small dark shadows crawled slowly into the room with me. They ran for the corners, for my closet and under the bed

” We’re not coming out there. It’s to darn scary. Call us later, when things aren’t so awful. ”

I dropped to the floor, I went to the bed, I pulled back the quilt and then I said,

” For real? ”

Yellow eyes, red eyes, scattered away from me in fear.

” You humans  giving us nightmares. We’re afraid to wake up. Please go away and leave us alone.”

That’s what the monsters said to me.

What a world we are in, when humans make monsters scream in fear.



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