Save The Date

Linda G Hill’s SoCS: Calander


Last Halloween Midge and Frankie went to Fall River Massachusets  because they wanted to spend a few days in the Lizzie Borden’s house.

Why, you might be wondering? I’ll tell you. Halloween just happensto be their birthdays.

Did you think this was the odd part of the story?

It isn’t.

The odd part of this story happened at the airport in Seattle. It happened before they even got on the plane and off of the ground and they were sitting on worn out and suspicious smelling bench seats in the terminal.

Frankie was showing Midge some pictures of the room on her phone where Mr Borden had died and of course more then one featured Mr Borden on his settee with his face cleaved in two and the top of his skull , well, part of it wasn’t there anymore.

” So we can go into that room, right? Where Mr. Borden died?” Midge asked Frankie for about the hundreth time.

” Died” Frankie snorted.

” You know what I mean, will we get to see the rooms where Lizzie raised hell? ”

Midge assured Frankie that seeing those rooms was part of the Lizze Borden Experience.

” But we have access to those rooms, right? Do you think they’ll let us in the basement too?” Frankie’s voice came out in little gasps.

” Why? Why would you want to go dow there? Nothing happened there. You know that. ”

” I just like basements, that’s all. ”

” Listen. ” Frankie clicked her phone off. ” We are going there for a reason. We want to get into those rooms. We have to get into those rooms. We agreed. We want to be there for our birthdays. ”

” It would be nice, ” Midge sounded like she was about to cry, ” to see the place where we came into the world again.”

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