Cat’s Paws

Inspired By Thursday’s RDP Prompt: RIPPLE MARKS

If you have ever been out on  a lake, or sitting at the shore and a gust of wind touches down on the calm waters

and the ripples pushed from the breeze are not soft and gentle

they are large, jagged and dark-  and look like a bruise

you might think it looks a little bit like a giant  invisible cat has just pulled it’s paws across

the cool still waters.

Just in case you’re wondering, what you’ve seen is  actually called, by some, a Cat’s Paws

and science says what you’ve seen was called by the wind and not a giant invisible cat.

PET SEMATARY, from Paramount Pictures.

That’s what science and common sense will tell you and if it makes you feel better to think

that is what is happening next to your boat, or a little ways from where you may be sitting on a canvas chair 

at the water’s edge.

 you just go ahead and keep thinking that.

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