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Today’s Daily Writing Prompt asks: Do you vote in political elections?

Lucifer Drawing by Franz von Stuck

I vote in every single local and federal election for three reasons:

  1. It drives Republicans INSANE when non-white people vote – or anybody with a Vagina or believes in recycling or that the Earth is not flat for that matter. We all have our hobbies- driving Republicans bats*&t crazy is mine.
  2. I’ve worked on enough campaigns to know that every single vote matters because in the end you only need one more then the other candidate to win. You might not think you matter in the big political picture, but trust me, you  and your vote matter a lot. Ask any candidate on election night how important you are.
  3. People spend a lot of money to get your vote. Those super PACS, Gun Lobbyists like the NRA that we wish would just go away?  Those millions of dollars that they spend? Their sole purpose is to harvest YOUR VOTE. If you don’t get it now, put a price tag on  your vote, you’ll understand how important it. I vote in political elections because  it is literally the most valuable contribution I can make to my Country.

8 thoughts on “Count THIS

  1. Oh, I’m 28 years old and I have never voted in my life. I don’t even have a voter card. Reading your blog post made sense to me now. ‘In the end, you only need one more vote than the other candidate to win’ is very true.

    • My Mom got me to register to vote when I turned 18. I got to vote in 1984 in the Presidential Election but my candidate didn’t win. I’m in my 50’s now so I’ve been at it for awhile.

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