A Discouraging Word

RDP Friday Prompt: Mob

Photo by Andrew Beatson on Pexels.com


Baskets of warm cookies sitting on the kitchen table

and happy children playing  at my feet

while golden rays of Sunshine are streaming through all of my  windows

and birds singing under happy clouds floating above happy trees

because that’s what comes to mind when I hear the word

” Mob “


For Real?

No. Really. No.

When I hear the word mob I think of

angry twisted mouths

spewing hateful words, and spittle woven together with the phrase



Mobs are the Psychopomps

sharing one face, one voice, one brain

looking for souls- any soul to take with them

into the abyss.




2 thoughts on “A Discouraging Word

  1. I read that “mob” is also the collective name for a group of wallabies (I think it was wallabies) which is where I’m trying to send my mind every time I hear it on the news. Kind of like a “murder” of crows.

    Small relief, I know, but…any port in stormy weather, eh?

    Enjoyed your work.

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