The Monsters Have Arrived On Capitol Street

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Still From ” The Monsters are Due On Maple Street” Twilight Zone

I haven’t written a lot about politics here- I’m not sure why other then I had this idea that I needed a space where I would just  work on my creative writing. Believe it or not, I don’t use my laptop to play around on social media. I don’t play games on it. I really do just work on my writing here.

But on the 6th my world spun in reverse and I found myself witnessing a terrorist attack against my Country AGAIN. And in that moment I felt myself feeling the same anger and the same need to put out of control events into some sort of order so that I could make sense of what we had experienced.

I could write and write and write about what these four days have been like after Domestic Terrorists, led by the President of the United States attacked our Government and our Country but today I want to keep it  short, I want it to be precise.

So this is what I want to say :

Should it surprise us that the same Republicans asking that Impeachment Charges against Twitler be dropped so that our Country can heal and unite are the same Republicans who rammed through and supported an accused rapist onto the Supreme Court?

Should it surprise us that these are the same Republicans who are willing to watch bodies pile up in freezer trucks and deny support to the survivors and communities affected by Covid-19 because, they have claimed, ‘it doesn’t exist’.

No. It should not surprise us that Republicans are defending Twitler.

I think we know why.

To a man, to a women Republicans are actually defending themselves- Twitler is simply the pus that oozed from the wound on Democracy.

The Republican Party, by its own actions have demonstrated to us all that they are the sore .

They supported this Monster, they supported and coddled his fanatics the Republican Party is responsible  for every single one of Twitler’s actions and everyone of his deeds.

I can never look at my friends or family members who still consider themselves to be part of this cancer on Democracy, on the United States of America the same way again.

That would be tragic on it’s own until it occurs to me that as a Democrat, they have probably always looked at me as less then themselves ‘the other’ all along.

On the other hand, I’ve had that feeling all along.

The win in this situation is  brutal- now I know what the monsters look like and what they want and how to deal with the chaos that beasts like them can cause.

Like  said, it’s a win but a brutal one.

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  1. It is nauseating, isn’t it. And hard to put in words. But you did it well. I thought I might say something about the day Kavanaugh was confirmed, but… I guess I’m too tired.

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